When I was young my parents read stories to my two sisters and me. Once I learned how to read, I took out stacks of library books. I enjoyed fairy tales, mysteries, and stories set in foreign lands. Today I still get engrossed in a good book.

After graduating from college, I taught fifth and sixth grade in the Springfield School System. Teaching creative writing ignited my muse and I started submitting stories for publication. To my delight my first story was published in Child Life Magazine.

When I married I moved to Cape Cod to help my husband with his camping business. We both love to travel and have driven across the United States and toured Australia, China, and Patagonia. Who knows where we’ll go next?

I love to garden, walk, attend movies and plays, and get together with my friends. Whether at work or play I always pay attention to what is happening around me because I never know when I’ll discover my next story idea.

Susan with her fans