Riding a Camel

Susan on CamelSince Arabian camels are about a foot taller than horses, I had to stand on a stool to reach the stirrups. Since the driver watched several camels he wouldn’t be with me all the time. As I settled into Jamal’s saddle, I hoped he’d stay on the trail. When the driver tapped Jamal’s rump I swayed forward and back as we climbed the mountain path. I clutched the reins just in case Jamal decided to chase the camel that ran straight up the slope or the one that ran back down. But he stayed on the path rounding the curves that led up the mountain. I relaxed.

“Nice camel, Susan!” called the driver.

“Good camel,” I agreed.

Then a rubbish barrel on the side of the trail beckoned like a batch of brownies. The driver jerked Jamal’s nose out of the barrel. But he was busy chasing another camel when Jamal plucked a red cardboard box out of the next barrel. Before I could yank the reins he’d chewed and swallowed it! The driver and I kept Jamal going until the camel trail ended two thirds of the way up the mountain.

I dismounted, thanked the driver, patted Jamal and started climbing up the narrow, rocky path to the top of Mt. Sinai. Four thousand steps later I enjoyed the vistas of rocky mountain peaks surrounding us. When we were rested we ambled down the path curving round the switchbacks.

I didn’t see any red boxes. Jamal beat me to them.


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